You are hereForestdance Asheville (an hour from Asheville, NC)

Forestdance Asheville (an hour from Asheville, NC)

By jason - Posted on 02 April 2013

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Wed, 10/04/2017 1:00pmMon, 10/09/2017 3:00pm
Off Property

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Come join our family as we share in deep and profound celebration of our lives together on sacred land, in the oldest mountains on Earth, the Appalachia.

We will be in ceremony for three full nights, and for additional warm up and integration partial nights, around the fire.

Our facilitators and teachers will guide the circle on a profound journey helping us to access and reclaim our own core, our inspiration, and our connection to nature.
Forestdance is a ceremonial gathering, a rite of passage...

This is one of the heARTbeat Collective's most powerful events. This gathering is so profound, so beautiful, that it has shaped a community. It has reignited passions for so many talented people, reclaiming inspiration, and has shown an alternative way to co-exist that many of us have stopped dreaming about long ago.

Though many of us like to explore expanding consciousness in various ways, during this ceremony we ask that we strongly consider not using sacrament. Due to the deep nature of this event, to cultivate a powerful space, we ask all attending to be present for the orientation on the first day.
We are proud and grateful to celebrate our 31st Forestdance gathering in this gorgeous location in Poplar, NC
Thank you for showing up and bringing your magic and medicine.

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...Between the Tribes’ harmonic music, the laughter of the children and dawn tea made from roots of earth and wood, I reconnect to my family, myself, my power, our power, and the song that life always wants to sing through me but I don’t always hear. At Forestdance, I can hear. -Robin Sol

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