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Times Subject to Change


11am Registration Opens
12:30-2 Workshops Jennifer M. Maniate: Fire It Up

2:15-3:45pm Workshops
Malu Wilder: Nagasu Rope Dart 101, the art of Rope Dance
Red Tent: Opening the Red Tent and Community Altar Creating Ceremony

4pm Community Open SWID mic
5pm Kellianna
6pm Opening Circle
6:45 Service
7pm Dinner
8pm Carrie Grossman & Maitreya sunset set
9pm Primate Fiasco
11pm DJ Brando
Fire Circle Jam after Brando’s set...

9am-10:30 Workshops Arden Sundari: Gentle Yoga & Meditation as Doorway to the Subtle Realms (North Tent)

10am Registration opens
11am Brunch

12:15pm-1:45 Workshops
Steve Restmeyer: Medicinal Mushrooms-the Polypores (The Great Oak)
Kristin Rajroop Kaur Brockett: Empaths and Energetics of the Heart (North Tent)
Jennifer M. Maniate: Get Connected (Dining Hall)
Red Tent: Self Care Belly Massage (Red Tent)

2pm-3:30 Workshops
Penny Goldmuntz and Michael Trachtman: Dance of Intimacy: a Tantra Puja (North Tent)
Cathy Pedevillano: Connected To All That Is! – Shamanic Drum Journey(Medicine Circle)
Amy Dawn Verebay: Community Breath Circle (Dining Hall)
Dagen Julty:Clown Wisdom Clown Wisdom (The Great Oak)

3:45pm-5:15 Workshops
Laney Goodman: Elemental drum, chant, dance in the Medicine Wheel (Medicine Wheel)
Tiana Mirapae: KABBALAH SHABBAT: Teaching & Sacred Ritual (Dining Hall)
Malu Wilder & Ariel Wolf: Safety Third: Fire Safety for current and new fire performers (Fire Spinning Area)
Su Eaton: It Takes a Village (North Tent)

5:15pm Here We Just Dream
6pm Service
6:30pm Dinner
7:30pm Melodeego
8:20pm Stephen Kent
8:45pm-9:45pm Sacred World Belly Dance Connection
9:45pm-10:30pm Kina Zore
10:45pm-11:45pm Club D’Elf
Midnight-Dawn Fire Circle Ceremony
Midnight DJ Savuth set in the East Wing

9:30-11:00 workshops Liz Elia:The Get-Fresh Flow (North Tent)

10am Registration opens
12pm Brunch
1pm - 2:30 Workshops
Tara Murphy: Beginning African Dance (North Tent)
Una Gallagher: Rattle Making: Rhythms of the Heart (2nd Floor Lodge)
Elsie and Serenity Smith: Defying gravity: a taste of the Aerial Fabric experience (Aerial Rigg)
Leah Song:Global Movement and Sound (Stage)

2:45pm-4:15 Workshops
Bill Pfeiffer: Mystical Romp in the Woods (Meet at Great Oak)
Alisa Wright Tanny: BodyDance™ Embodied Empowerment Presence Practice™ for Women’s Health (North Tent)
Jim Farnham: The 8th Sacred Fire Prophecy (Dining Hall)
Red Tent: Facilitated Sharing Circle (Red Tent)
Martin Bridge: The Magic of Mushrooms (East Wing)

4:15 Julie Woods
5pm The Folks Below
6pm Service
6:30pm Dinner
7:30pm Youshouphe Sidibe
8:20 Leah Song
9:00 Cacao Ceremony (At Fire)
9:10pm Boom Boom Shake
10pm Incus
11pm Czechmate
12am Om Frequency
1am (ish) Mr. Rourke
2am (ish) the Human Experience w/ Leah Song
-The Trap Twins will be performing over the course of Saturday night

Dawn KC Solaris or earlier
10am Registration opens
10am to 11:30am Workshops
Amy Dawn Verebay: The Yoga of Play (North Tent)
Marek Tresnak: Focusing – Healing our parts through feeling them in the body (Dining Tent)
Jason Cohen: Discussion on the Unifier Festival/Land Trust (Medicine Circle)
Jenn Pipp: Web of Life Ceremony

12pm Brunch
1:30-3pm workshop
Imani Mamalution:E-Sensual Nourishment – A Meeting in the Alchemical Kitchen (kitchen)
Red Tent: Mother/Daughter Henna (Red Tent)
Rebekah Fraser:Meditation in Motion ( North Tent)

1:30 Children’s Dance Party
2:30pm Adam Bauer
4pm the Human Experience
6pm Closing Circle and a Casual departing

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