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S.W.I.D Workshops 2013

By sarahjezebelwood - Posted on 13 May 2013

Elemental drum, chant, dance in the Medicine Wheel

Join Laney Goodman for a sacred circle in the four directions. Bring masks, feathers, skins and makeup to create a being or element that calls to you and give voice to the voiceless. Or just come as you are and share your medicine and wisdom as we drum, chant and dance for all our relations.

We will celebrate the following directions with their elements and totems.

EAST- air and winged ones
SOUTH- fire and creepy crawlies
WEST- water and fresh water as well as saltwater beings
NORTH- earth and four leggeds as well as our Mother Earth

This will be a beautiful gathering in a sacred space to honor and celebrate all our relations.

To find more about Laney's work go to :

Laney Goodman, visionary drummer, ceremonialist and vocalist, leads ceremonial drum & chant circles called Drumming in the Four Directions. She created these circles at the late Grandmother Twyla Nitsch's Women's Lodge in 1986 and has been all over the East Coast and beyond carrying her Medicine ever since.
Laney has studied with the late Grandmother Twyla Nitsch of the Seneca Wolf clan. She has also studied with African-American drum masters Edwina Lee Tyler and Ubaka Hill, as well as the late Baba Olatunji.
Laney has taught at ALisa Starkweather's Daughters of the Earth gathering for over 8 years. She produced and performed in Shawna Carol's Goddess Chant at the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, England. And has led sacred sites tours to Avalon in the UK and Serpent Mound, Ohio.
Laney has presented at the following venues in New England and beyond....The Women's Well, Aquarius Sanctuary, Solstice Healing Center, the Millis Ashram, BareSole Yoga Studio and The Arlington Center as well as ALisa Starkweather's Belly Womb Conference & Love is Our Power. She has also presented her ceremonial drum & chant at the Drum Circle Facilitators Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC , the Interfaith Roundtable in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the Ontario's Womyn's Drum Camp.
Laney is excited to be returning to SWID with Jason Cohen of the heARTbeat collective for the third year.
She is currently the host of the nationally syndicated public radio show, "Women in Music", which is heard on over 100 markets each week. and now internationally in 140 countries with web radio
Laney is part Cherokee of the eastern door in the Great Smoky Mountains. She is also of German, English and Scot/Irish ancestry.
For more information on Laney's work please visit:
The Magic of Mushrooms

The Kingdom of Fungi is perhaps one of the most overlooked elements in our natural world considering the critical role they play in building and sustaining a healthy ecosystem. The first life forms to take hold on land, they have built and continue to maintain the soils from which all subsequent terrestrial life grows from and depends on. Their significant medicinal and nutritional value is also greatly underappreciated by most.

In this workshop we will explore the fascinating kingdom of Fungi. We will begin with an introduction to Mycology; building a better understanding of these beings, their function in building and maintaining soils, basic cultivation techniques and their potential utility in Bioremediation efforts. We will then highlight a number of species, before taking a brief look from an animist perspective at the power and potency they posses as spirit guides.

Martin Bridge is proud to be carrying forth a family tradition of artists and educators. Living and creating in the hills of western MA, Bridge creates works spanning a broad range of media, that seek to celebrate the sacredness inherent in nature, the consciousness in all things and power of place while challenging the cultural paradigms that dictate the way we relate to both the natural world and our brothers and sisters.
Beginning African Dance

African Dance is a joyous celebration of life, community and our deepest selves. The class will be 1 hour and 15 minutes at an afternoon time on Saturday, July 6, 2013. We will first warm up in a circle, practicing African dance isolations, basic stretching and opening our energy to the healing spirit of the rhythms. In the second part of class, dancers will learn movements from a traditional dance of Guinea, West Africa. We will dance as a group in place, then move in lines across the space towards the drummers. All the while we will seriously get down and let our spirits fly! Near the end of the class, dancers may have time for dancing freely, improvisation and meditation. The class will bring people together at theand with a beautiful call and response chant from West Africa.

Tara Murphy is originally from Washington, D.C., and grew up studying ballet and theater. She earned her B.A. in theater and religious studies at Yale University, where she also began studying African dance. At this time Tara began exploring her African heritage through African studies at Yale, and was awarded a fellowship to study traditional dance and drumming at the University of Legon in Ghana, West Africa. Since returning to the U.S., for the past 20 years, she has studied closely with many African and Afro-Caribbean artists in Washington, D.C., New York City and Boston. Her primary mentors have been Issa Coulibaly and Joh Camara of Mali; Mohamed Kalifa Kamara of Guinea; Fatou N’Diaye and Astou Sagna of Senegal; and Jean Appolon of Haiti. In addition to African dance, Tara has also practiced yoga and meditation since she was a child. Tara recognizes the practice of African dance and drumming as a tremendous force for healing, meditation, empowerment and community. It is her greatest honor to spread the joy of this ancient tradition.
Medicinal Mushrooms-the Polypores

We will explore the world of medicinal bracket fungi of New England. A nature walk will begin this class followed by on overview of health benefits and how to prepare them.

Steve Restmeyer has been using and studying natural plant medicines since he started his studies with a master of Traditional Chinese Medicine in NYC at the age of 17. His work with medicinal mushrooms goes back 15 years.
He is also an ecological landscape designer, consultant and educator and has served as President of The Long Island Organic Horticulture Association.
His spiritual journey has brought him to the Amazon Jungle where he spent time with the Shuar and Kichwa people. He is the owner of Ecologic, LLC, maker of all natural insect repellent and Black Forest Mushroom Vinegar products.
Mystical Romp in the Woods

We are surrounded by an energy matrix of incredible intelligence. Nature education has been largely confined to the names of plants and animals. There is so much more! During our time together we’ll be using all six senses to engage with Pachamama (Mother Universe in Quechua) and get to know her more intimately. Come away feeling connected and rejuvenated. Limit to 12 participants.

Bill Pfeiffer is a maverick deep ecologist and cultural engineer. In 1990, he founded Sacred Earth Network (SEN), a visionary not-for-profit environmental advocacy group. With SEN he traveled extensively in Siberia and North America collaborating with indigenous elders and shamans on a wide variety of issues. He has dedicated his life to an ecstatic, Earth-honoring culture.
Family Constellations

Are you an activist, an artist, a gardener? Do you feel the burden of living in service and as an open and caring individual?
----This monthly group is for sensitive artists and healers who feel the vastness of the issues facing our world.
We will focus on creating space to do our personal work so we can be comfortable moving with our own shadows, and thus live, love, and create more fully in our greater community.

Family Constellations are a fascinating way to perceive and relate with the ancestral energies living inside us. They help individuals explore pieces of our own history in a light that expands self vision and draws connections to stories and situations that are both uniquely personal and collectively shared. The experience of standing in a Constellation often brings powerful insights and a feeling that a great weight has lifted.

Dr. Dan Booth Cohen has had a diverse career as a business owner, corporate executive, author, peace activist and counselor. He was a founding member of the City of Cambridge Peace Commission and former co-Director of the Boston Children of War Program. He organized peace walks, led international teenage exchanges, and produced events on behalf of organizations such as The House of Hope International Peace Center, Open House of Ramle, Israel, The New England Peace Pagoda, and One-by-One. His work has been featured on television, newspapers, and in Fortune magazine.

Dr. Cohen’s interest in conflict resolution and violence prevention led him to Systemic Constellations 2001. He received training in the Constellation approach directly from Bert Hellinger and other senior European trainers. He is certified as a facilitator and trainer by the German Association for Systemic Constellations (DGfS). Dr. Cohen completed his Ph.D. in Psychology at Saybrook University. He holds a B.A. from Connecticut College and an MBA from Boston University.

BodyDance™ EmpowerCORE Girl Circle™
Provides an expressive arts circle for girls to explore their relationship with themselves in BODY, MIND & SPIRIT through the Core Alignment of the Chakras. Focused EmpowerCORE explorations center around confidence building, body image and breath awareness, creative vocalization, embodied empowerment & alignment, fullness of relationship & expression, and gain skills for managing and balancing emotional and physical health and wholeness.

Expressive empowerment supports girls to become more aware of their own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and sensations and allows expressive arts in the form of art, journaling, voice-sound, and movement yoga-dance to be vehicles of healthy expression, which might otherwise be contained & held in the body-mind-spirit. 
This class is created for reducing anxiety, digestive stress, emotional stress and overwhelming emotions. The class will promote the increase of friendship with self and others, more peace, more happiness and more JOY!
Class One: PRE-TEEN GIRLS (9-12yr)
Clas Two: TEEN GIRLS (13-17yr)

BodyDance™ Embodied Empowerment Presence Practice™ for Women’s Health
is a fluid yogic tantra-temple dance exploration of the Chakra/Glandular system which supports the union of opposites towards wholeness, balances the nervous system (front/back body), activates the various diaphrams of support, and strengthens the embodied wisdom of CORE alignment.
BodyDance™ supports the alignment of health with healing at the cellular level with emphasis on remembering our developmental roots, the moon cycles, natures forms and patterns and our connection with the 5 Element Chinese Health System. Acknowledging the body as your temple and vessel, come prepared to express your greatest joy, power and freedom through movement, sound, and rhythm of the CHAKRAS. Balancing the heart-flow of giving and receiving, we will give power and expression to the unique presence within each of us.

Alisa Wright Tanny, MA, R-DMT, eRYT500, is an Integrative Movement Therapist, Embodiment Coach and Infant Developmental Movement Educator. She holds a Masters Degree in Expressive Arts Dance Movement Therapy, and is an advanced certified teacher of the embodiment experience through the traditional practices of Yoga, Pilates, Developmental Movement and Body-Mind Centering®.

Alisa’s technique in supporting and listening to the body is transmitted with a strong compassionate and loving emphasis on balancing the body’s natural expression of organic fluid rhythms, nervous system and glandular chakra tone, and muscular skeletal structural alignment. Alisa’s passion for movement has led her to create, develop and channel a new paradigm of dance movement exploration called BodyDance™ Embodied Empowerment™, inspired by the tantra love-light. In her teaching, Alisa’s presence provides the space and safety for inquiry and exploration, transformation, integration and joyful empowerment in presence.

Alisa’s private practice is in Western Massachusetts where she specializes in working with infants, girls, and women through embodied health and healing, and clients in rehabilitation or with specialized needs. She and her husband, Dr. Mark Tanny, provide in-depth healing treatments for personal health transformation at their retreat sanctuary home in Conway, MA.
Community Breath Circle

How you deep or shallow you breathe is an indication of how receptive you are to the abundance life has to offer! Breathwork is an intense and fun modality in the field of personal development and transformation which expands your breath capacity, self knowledge and compassion. In this workshop we will breathe in eye contact with others in the circle. We will use our breath to discover depths of inner wisdom, unconscious patterns, and relieve stress. The breath is an incredible journey into non-ordinary states of consciousness with no side effects! The comfort with your breath that arises from breathwork practice helps you fully embrace life's gifts and flow through life’s stresses with greater ease.

The Yoga of Play

Play is a mysterious, captivating land of possibility and creative unknown. When we allow ourselves to go there and fully embrace unexpected discoveries, our ability to engage, adapt and connect is strengthened. Join us for a delightful immersion into the human art of play through the practice of CircusYoga. CircusYoga celebrates the whole community, the whole family, the whole person. We will draw upon circus, yoga and contact improvisation to learn and co-author new ways to play together.

• Improve your body awareness and connection to others through contact improvisation
• open your perception with flying partner yoga
• learn how to juggle and spin circus props like hoop, poi and diabolo
• be silly and play fun games with other adults
• co-author acrobatic masterpieces!

Amy Dawn Verebay is passionately committed to art for social change, and aims to bring joy and empowerment to diverse populations. She is a regular facilitator of sacred space for personal growth as an enthusiastic breathwork practitioner and decade long leader of women’s circles. Amy’s backround in theatre, contemporary dance, holistic healing and circus arts makes teaching CircusYoga a natural evolution of her service to the world through play. Amy has led CircusYoga workshops and immersions to adults and children across the country and internationally, most notably at Kripalu Center in western Mass, and to Burmese refugee children living in Thailand.
Red Tent Temple (Women only)

Since the beginning of our time on this planet, women have always sought out special space and time to be just with each other. From within this space emerge the sacred teaching stories and visions that carry us forward to do our work as women. The Red Tent Temple is a space for women to care for themselves and each other, give or receive massage, listen and process or just sit in silence and integrate. All is welcome here and all is held in love.

We are pleased to being a Red Tent to SWID this year for the first time and hope that it will be an oasis for women of all ages and stages of womanhood. This space will be open throughout the gathering with specific facilitated workshops held within it as well as plenty of free time to just be and relax.

Showing of the Film “The Things We Don’t Talk About: Women’s Stories from the Red Tent”
Things We Don’t Talk About: Woman’s Stories from the Red Tent is a groundbreaking 72-minute documentary film by award winning filmmaker Dr. Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost. Spontaneous and organic, a Red Tent is a red textile space where women gather to rest, renew, and often share deep and powerful stories about their lives. The Red Tent movement is changing the way that women interact and support each other by providing a place that honors and celebrates women, and by enabling open conversations about the things that women don’t want to talk about in other venues. Things We Don’t Talk About weaves together healing narratives from inside the Red Tent to shine a spotlight on this vital, emergent women’s tradition.

Thursday Afternoon Before Dinner- Opening the Red Tent and Community Altar Creating Ceremony
Please join us as we come together to create a sacred oasis for ourselves and our sisters. We will open the space together calling in the directions, our guides and our ancestors to be with us and to help us hold whatever healing the women of SWID and the women of the planet need at this time. Please feel free to bring a special altar item, red cloth or tapestries and pillows.

Friday- Self Care Belly Massage: Learn about the benefits of massaging our bellies for digestive, reproductive and nervous system health. You will learn about the healing properties of the herbal oils that we recommend for belly massage and how to make them yourself. Then we will partner up or you can massage yourself learning techniques and following our intuitive wisdom.

Saturday-Facilitated Sharing Circle: Come relax in the beautiful Red Tent space with other women and share some of your belly wisdom in our facilitated sharing circle. Listen as our sacred stories unfold within this sacred space.

Sunday- Mother/Daughter Henna: Come with your daughters to the Red Tent to relax, be together and paint yourselves with henna! Traditionally, henna is used when women gather to celebrate or even just to hang out. Henna adornment artist, Emily Sat Akal will offer instruction on how to apply henna and make up some henna cones for you to play with.

Juliana is a mother of two wonderfully wild boys, an empowered birth and mothering advocate, a birth and postpartum doula, a Kundalini yogi, wise woman herbalist,  and creatress of sacred adornments. She walks the path of motherhood and womanhood with playful curiosity and a heart that is constantly expanding to hold all that she learns along the way. She offers birth and postpartum support drawing from many healing modalities, holding of sacred space for women to allow their own teaching stories to unfold, and diverse yoga classes for women throughout the entire continuum of life. More about Juliana can be found at

Emily Sat Akal Millspaugh: I am the mother of two young daughters, a Henna Artist, Wise Woman Herbalist, Birth and Death Doula, Radical Kid Midwife, Kundalini Yogi, Sexual and Reproductive Justice Activist, and Spiritual Seeker. I see myself as a bridge between the radical and the mainstream. I challenge out-of-date medical protocol making way for new dialogue between people and their health care providers. My work in the world is from the heart. With compassionate listening and woman-to-woman support and education, I provide information to make empowered health care decisions for ourselves and our families. On my midwifery journey, I am presently a community educator and artist. I offer herbal consultations, birth/miscarriage/abortion attendance, individualized childbirth education, henna body adornment and belly casts. See contact info below:

Empaths and Energetics of the Heart

 To be in the world fully can be a challenge for empathic/sensitive people. Learning about the energetics of our magnetic fields and the dimensions and true nature of our hearts both physically, spiritually, and emotionally is a key to healing and not feeling like you need to constantly shield from the world. We are now in an age where science is catching up and being able to measure and prove some of the things that our hearts have known forever. You will learn about power that you can generate from within, stabilize your emotions, and stay balanced in chaos, and expand your heart to be able to sustain more joy and love. We will also learn about  herbs for heart care and to strengthen your energetic fields. 

Kristin Rajroop Kaur Brockett is the founder of Path of the Wild Heart School and is the main guide for the Path of the Wild Heart apprenticeship  She is a licensed Massage Therapist. She also received her Associate Level Degree in Polarity Therapy and her Energy Balancing Specialist Degree from Palmer Institute, Level I Cranio-Sacral Therapy through Upledger Institute, and recieved Hospice training from Hospice of the North Shore. 

She is a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and New Paradigm Multi-Dimentional Transformation Master Teacher/Healer (formally known as Shamballa). She has had a private healing practice for over 7 years and has been involved with healing and people for over 16 years. She attended Gaia School of Healing and Earth Studies studying Sacred Plant Spirit Medicine and Herbalism, and has worked with plants for many years spiritually. She has taken the Survival Wild edible and Medicinal Plant course at Wilderness Learning Center in NY. Herbal First Aid with 7 Song, and is currently studying Permaculture. She has completed a 6-month Shamanic Apprenticeship with Ann Sousa, initiated elder of the Dagara Tribe which is the tribe of African elder and shaman Malidoma Some, and a 2 year Apprenticeship in Priestess Path with Alisa Starkweather, a Women's Leadership Course on Healing, Empowerment, and Spirituality. She was certified in Sound Healing through the Healing Sounds Intensive with Jonathan Goldman. She has taken a 6 month course of Conscious Communication with Sandra Boston's CC Institute, and studied for 9 months to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher at Baba Siri Chand Ashram.

 Kristin is an intuitive/empath, teacher, ritual ceremonialist, lover and student of Nature, her main loves and studies have included rituals and ceremonies of transformational Empowerment/Rites of Passage, community Building and Sustainability, Deep/Spiritual Ecology, Sacred Sexuality, Metaphysics, Healing modalities, Spiritual Developement, and Human Consciousness. Kristin has passion for life, love, learning, and sharing with people, that they are empowered to transform anything they want to, or manifest anything in this life in conscious relationship to themselves, their passions, the earth, their community, and purpose. Most importantly of all she is a Mother of two deep and beautiful children, a son and daughter.
Cacao Ceremony @ SWID

Join us in taking the time to slow down together and feel the sweet and expansive energy of cacao. Cacao has been used for centuries in ceremonial settings because of its ability to support connection, focus and heart-opening. Cacao is a gentle energy that enhances whatever space we’re in and invites us to connect more fully.

We will be offering a ceremonial serving of cacao and will share more about this plant and its uses in the inner realms. We will also lead a guided meditation to bring attention to the cacao energy.

We’re offering the cacao ceremony before Incus takes the stage so that people have a place to sing, dance and otherwise move the energy that cacao helps us access.

Eat lightly prior to the ceremony to allow for fuller absorption.

Talk to us on-site for contra-indications or if you have questions about participating.

Time: Saturday Evening TBA
Cost: $5/person, tickets available on-site
Facilitated by Moses & Ambe of Heartblood Cacao

Moses & Ambe, co-founders of Heartblood Cacao, have been working with cacao for four years and bring their collective experience in a wide range of inner exploration to their work. They hold a gentle, supportive space for people to unfold as they are.

For more info on ceremonial cacao, see:
Rattle Making: Rhythms of the Heart with Una Gallagher

The first percussion instruments were likely human hands and feet, used to clap or stomp a rhythm. Eventually, cultures discovered that they could create louder, more varied sounds with crafted surfaces and implements.

Rattles are the only instruments found in every musical or ritual tradition around the world. Each culture has its own explanation & mythology behind the rattle.

Join us as we explore several different materials and design options, to find the ones that call to us. We will then set an intention for this tool and construct a personal rattle to take home.

Material Fee: $5-$50 sliding scale

Defying gravity: a taste of the Aerial Fabric experience
Experience the joy of "hanging around" on the aerial fabrics! We'll start with simple stretches and hangs to introduce the body to this art form, and add spins and climbs.

Elsie Smith & Serenity Smith Forchion are identical twins specializing in aerial acrobatics. The twins choreograph for circus, dance & theater and offers workshops and residencies to circus schools, dance companies and performers. They have taught and performed with many well known companies including a 4 year tour on Cirque du Soleil's Saltimbanco, as well as Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus, the New Pickle Circus, Pilobolus, the Actor's Gym, Circus Juventus, Umo Ensemble, Circus Smirkus, Air Dance Bernesconi, University of GA CORE Dance Company, Sea World San Antonio & Canopy Aerial Dance Studio. In 2003 they founded NIMBLE ARTS, their Vermont based trapeze & circus school that transitioned into the New England Center for Circus Arts in 2007. The two continue to teach at NECCA and work as Artistic Director and Executive Director of the growing school. They also have an active performing career, and have received a Special Award at the China Wuqiau Internat'l Circus Festival and the Bronze Medal at the 1st Internat'l Festival de Circo en Albacete, Spain.


It Takes a Village…
Using RC Re-evaluation Co- Counseling and NVC Non-Violent Communication strategies, we will begin to explore peaceful, compassionate, playful, loving ways to raise ourselves. This is for parents and non parents, as it is my vision for the whole tribe to have a common language to raise ourselves so we can be healthy role models for our children. And to help adults know that children have a lot to share. We all could learn how to set loving boundaries and change this unhealthy power over attitude we have been marinating in, in order to have a healthy loving compassionate relationship with our self and others. Namaste

Su has been exploring her inner world and children both in adult bodies and actual children for most of her life. Her approach is fun and compassionate. She has been studying Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication(NVC) aka Compassionate Communication and Re-Evaluation Co-Counseling for many years and loves to share what she has learned. She is open to learning more with other curious beings who want are change bringers. She sees the importance of working/playing as a village to find ways to create peace though love and compassion first with ourselves and learning new ways/strategies to speak and listen with each other’s support.


INTRO to Heart Forgiveness

If you repeat negative relationship patterns, have emotional wounds that never seem to heal, or old resentments that still trigger unpleasant reactions... then this workshop is for YOU!

ANGER, sadness or repressed emotions releases high-voltage toxic chemicals inside your body, damaging organs and your ability to think creatively. This contributes to a variety of diseases: heart attack, cancer, arthritis, ulcers, migraine, and high blood pressure.

Heart Forgiveness creates the "relaxation response" which naturally heals the body. This program is designed to help participants release the energy imprints of old traumas & dramas. This is NOT talk therapy.
Live FREE to experience the Joy of a lighter heart!

Learn the tools to:
Turn anger, fear & sadness into peace, acceptance & happiness
Stop reacting negatively and learn to live "UNOFFENDABLE!"
TRANSFORM relationships with Self & Others
SHIFT happens! Guaranteed

Shawna Pelton has turned her passion into her life's work: teaching, nurturing & empowering people on their healing journey. Some call it her Dharma, she finds purpose and meaning in life being of service to others.
With a variety of holistic healing modalities under her belt, Shawna creates customized personalized sessions & group workshops for clients seeking change in their lives. Facilitating healing for people who suffer from chronic or acute health challenges.
mentally drained
emotionally ungrounded or chaotic
physically sick & exhausted
spiritually unfulfilled or disconnected

Dance of Intimacy: a Tantra Puja

The Tantra Puja is a sacred ceremony in which we gather together as men and women, bringing our authentic selves and our capacity to allow ourselves to be seen and to feel deeply connected to the sacred core in every one of us. Through this sacred journey of beholding one another we will use breath, movement and touch to connect with each other on a deeper level than the mundane - moving beyond our fears, our judgments or feelings of attraction to the essential self where we may experience ecstasy without acting on it, where sexual energy is alchemized into unconditional love. Come join us for a beautiful Dance of Intimacy in which you will leave feeling connected, seen, and blissful.

Penny Gold
is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator with Source School of Tantra Yoga, founder of Sexy is Ageless, and a Psychologist who has been helping people heal and grow relationships back to bliss for over 25 years. Penny has been teaching tantra workshops for many years and has had a special interest in the union of sexuality and spirituality. Penny is known for her warmth, passion and ability to bring together communities in a space of funk, safety, and adventure.

Michael Trachtman is a Tantra and Dating Skills Educator and an ordained Rabbi. Michael has been teaching personal growth and leadership workshops for many years and has been teaching men and women dating, relationship and intimacy skills. Like Penny, Michael has a special interest in the union of sexuality and spirituality. Michael is known for his passion, wisdom and sense of adventure as well as his ability to have people quickly "get" new self-awareness and confidence.

“Connected To All That Is!” – Shamanic Drum Journey

As we celebrate our Interdependence with all Life, come enter the Realm of the Shaman where we connect deeply with Earth, Self and Tribe. We will spend some time in nature communing with a life form, then enter the sacred space of the shamanic journey where we directly contact the Numinous, the Divine, our Soul and Spirit. We will meet spirit guides and access wisdom, power and healing energies for ourselves and our communities. In the journey space we get to FEEL and EXPERIENCE our intrinsic joy, wholeness and connection to All That Is!

Cathy Pedevillano is Shamanic Healer and Teacher, Visionary Lightworker, wildlife biologist and founder of Heart Of Shamanism. For the past 20 years, she has facilitated individual and group healing sessions, shamanic trainings, classes, workshops, JourneyCircles and travel to sacred sites. She has empowered hundreds of people to transform themselves and their lives and find their true calling. Cathy created and teaches a year-long shamanic training called “Awakening Your Power, Passion and Truth.” Cathy channels LuSTARA Energy (“Light of the Stars”) and messages from the LuSTARA Guides. She is committed to sharing the teachings and practices of shamanism to bring balance and healing to the world. Through her work, Cathy supports people in becoming more connected, conscious and whole. For more information on Cathy and her work see


Focusing – Healing our parts through feeling them in the body“

Marek has been working as a therapist since 2006. He is a certified Focusing trainer. He is passionate about discovering places in the body that hold distress, accessing them and allowing them to heal. In this workshop we will explore how to find our experience in the body, make friends with it and learn what exactly it needs to move forward.

"One step in the body is worth a thousand steps in the mind." (E. Gendlin)

The Get-Fresh Flow

Revitalize through yoga! All levels of experience welcome.
Awaken your mind with energizing breathwork, rejuvenate your body with gentle stretching, and restore your spirit with deep relaxation. Join Liz as she guides you through an accessible yoga practice and challenges you to explore your inner world while having fun!

Liz Elia creates safe and supported spaces for healing through several modalities. Through yoga, she guides people to explore movement, breath, and meditation to discover their own strength. With Heart Mind Integration Healing, she uses shamanic techniques to guide people into the depths of their life stories to uncover and heal dormant parts of themselves. As a Crossinology Brain Integration practitioner, she helps both children and adults find relief from symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, and other stresses of modern life. Contact:

Kundalini Yoga: The Power of Breath

Between you and God, between you the creation and the Creator, there is only one link, and that is the breath of life. ~ Yogi Bhajan

Pranayama is the control and expansion of life energy through various yogic breathing practices and inner locks. Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, combines a strong pranayama practice with movements, asanas, deep relaxation and chanting meditations to awaken a great power within us, known as kundalini energy. From these practices you will experience physical rejuvenation, mental clarity, and a radiant spirit.

Daniel Orlansky, MA, E-RYT-500, a yoga teacher for 20 years, is certified in Jnana Yoga, Kali Ray TriYoga and Kundalini Yoga, and is the originator of Meridian Yoga. Currently director of yoga at Samadhi, he holds a masters degree in Expressive Art Therapy/Dance Therapy from Lesley University and has been a visiting lecturer in movement studies at Tufts University. A graduate of the Boston Shiatsu School, Daniel teaches regularly at the Kripalu Center, the Omega Institute, and in Europe, and also directs 200- and 500-hour yoga teacher trainings worldwide. He has co-directed two yoga DVD’s: Hands-On! Skillful Assists for Yoga Asana, and Yoga and Vision Improvement.

Get Connected

This playful partner hatha yoga class encourages you to get out of your head and into your heart. Discover the joy of collaborating with others in your asana practice. Learn to support others in their practice and to receive support in your own. No partners or experience necessary.

Fire It Up
Description: This active, flowing vinyasa class is designed to stoke your internal fire. Sync breath with movement as we incorporate sun salutations, twists, and hip opening postures to detoxify the body. For asana junkies and beginners alike.

Jennifer Maniates, MA, RYT, is a true Libra, always striving for balance. Not entirely content in the corporate world, she needs to go outside of her cubicle to feel complete; she needs to branch out. To that end, Jennifer teaches yoga, Zumba and practices Reiki.

Jennifer found yoga over a decade ago, when she was trying to find a way to release stress and recover flexibility. She noticed the physical benefits of practice immediately and was hooked! Since then, she has continued to practice yoga and reaps the spiritual and energetic benefits as well.

Jennifer completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification with Open Doors Yoga Studio in conjunction with Roslindale Yoga and became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Yoga Alliance. She continues her studies with a variety of instructors and workshops, including Shiva Rea, Cora Wen, Judith Lasater and Leslie Kaminoff. She strives to offer classes that are playful, light-hearted and accessible to all levels of practice.

You can find out more about Jennifer at www.BranchingOutYoga.comand by connecting on Facebook and Twitter (@BranchingOutYga).

Nagasu Rope Dart 101, the art of Rope Dance, & Safety Third: Fire Safety for current and new fire performers

Rope Dart is a traditional Chinese martial dance involving a 7-10 ft rope with a weight on one end. “Nagasu” Meaning “contemporary” or “flow” is the name of Malu Wilder's particular style of dart, blending formal Japanese martial foot work and sword theory with the beauty and flow of traditional Chinese Rope Dart. This class will teach the basics of footing, stepping and weaving. Instruction will be given in the basic “interchangeable pieces” of Nagasu Rope Dart, allowing students to continue training on their own in the future.
In Nagasu style, all movements have an entrance, a middle, and an exit, allowing different combinations to be blended together seamlessly. The basic movements which allow for easy flow will be the concentration of this workshop. Rope Darts will be provided, with a limit of 15 participants due to materials.

Safety Third: Fire Safety for current and new fire performers

This class will teach the full “Safety Third” method of safe fire performance practices. The philosophy of “Safety Third” is as a follows: The Safety of the audience first, the safety of the venue second, the safety of the performer third. The “Safety Third” method was originally developed by the Wildfire community and is now nationally renown as the most responsible and fully comprehensive method of fire performance safety.
We will be teaching safe spinning practices, safe venue practices, safe fuel dump practices, safe equipment practices.

Malu Wilder is a Fire Performer with the local troupe, Runic Fire. The study of Aikido, Bushido Sword and Ninjitsu footing have been one of his lifetime concentrations. Transfering to Chinese movement in 2009, Malu has founded the combination art of “Nagasu”, a blend of traditional Japanese body movement with Chinese implement movement. Among the performance Rope Dart community “Nagasu” is known as the up and coming, fully integrated way to spin Dart.
Runic Fire can be seen performing at the Providence “WaterFire” festival, the World Steam Punk affair and several other venues in the Northeast.

Clown Wisdom

What’s behind the silly antics and goofy faces of the clown? More than we know! Our ironic, materialistic culture has all but done away with clowns and their gifts. Clowns have been with us since the dawn of civilization. They allow us to laugh at ourselves in a healthy way and they offer us a doorway back into realms of insight and authenticity that we have often forgotten in the process of “growing up”.

Join us for some outrageous fun that will lead us to a refreshing reconnection with our creativity, our spirituality and our innocence. Through laughter, silliness, absurdity, showing off, pushing the envelope, courting the unknown and daring ourselves, we can reclaim the wonderment and self-empowerment to be our authentic selves. This workshop is for everyone. This is about finding ourselves as we lose ourselves in fun.

Dagen Julty is a professional children’s entertainer, a clown, a workshop leader, a musician, a music teacher, an artist, an activist, a communitarian, a father, and a humanitarian. As “Happy Dan the Music Man” he has entertained children of all ages for over 16 years. And as Jolti the Clown he tends to be more theatrical, mysterious and unpredictable. He got his start as a clown in a workshop with Wavy Gravy in 1992. He owns a house in rural Mexico and lives in community in Greenfield, MA.
Aerial Silks Exploration

Come play as the creatures we are, climbing our vines and weaving our silk. Dance from the limbs of mother nature in the freedom of flight and full body engagement of aerial silks. All levels welcome.

Nicole Grasseschi has been journeying through movement since in the womb. Trained in many styles of dance since youth, she now focuses on aerial silks and acrobatics as well as Bellydance and West African drum and dance.
Gentle Yoga & Meditation as Doorway to the Subtle Realms

All levels and abilities welcome. Through easy postures, yogic breathing, chanting and meditation, the practice opens the subtle energy channels to ground, clear, refine and uplift. The practice develops two important pranas (subtle energies) in our being: Apana Prana (energy-freeing, de-toxing and grounding) and Udana Prana. Udana Prana is the main positive energy unfoldment in life through which we can develop and evolve in consciousness. It governs growth, transformation, enthusiasm and self-expression. It leads your awareness to profound experiences of nature, the astral and causal planes, giving you insight into those realms and helping you to attune to your inner guidance. We will incorporate the natural sanctuary of Earthlands, yoking inner nature with an aspect of outer nature.

Arden Sundari Pierce, BA South Asian Studies, a yoga teacher and yoga therapist for 20 years, certified as Structural Yoga Therapist, and trained in Krishnamacharya lineage and Shiatsu. She has taught at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and presented at the International Yoga Therapy Conferences. Along with her private practice, Arden currently teaches in college, business and hospital settings and is the founder of Yoga for Well Being, Well Being at Work and co-founder of Birthing Mama Yoga. Arden also teaches at her member-owned collective studio, Sun Studio, in Florence, Ma.
Arden joyously guides others into experiences that heal and awaken on every level. Her therapeutic approach is assessable to all abilities. Breath (pranayama) plays a central role in her teaching as a means to cultivate compassion, transformation and to bring you into the flow of LIFE.
Meditation in Motion

Join certified Kripalu yoga instructor Rebekah for a class that combines pranayama (yogic breathing) with asana and guided meditation to enhance your mind-body-spirit connection.

This class is appropriate for students with all levels of experience and all levels of fitness, flexibility, strength and stamina.

Rebekah Fraser has worked as a professional writer and communications consultant since 2003. She studied and practiced yoga for almost 20 years before pursuing her long held dream of becoming a yoga teacher. Now a certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Rebekah is excited to share her love and knowledge of yoga with students of all levels through:

· Private instruction by appointment,
· Full yoga classes (public and private groups),
· Workshops and Private Coaching to enhance creativity through yoga
E-Sensual Nourishment – A Meeting in the Alchemical Kitchen

Join Imani for a delicious, experimental journey through the Portals of Taste. Activate your access to abundant & juicy living and learn simple steps to get you started. A collaborative discussion will highlight the importance of a nutrient dense, mineral rich way of eating with a focus on raw foods. Not of the belief that there is only one way of eating, our time together is about tapping into our own intuitive, instinctual wisdom while fusing together overlapping aspects of food, life and love. Invite juiciness into your life and learn simple, sustainable steps and time-saving tips for worshipping your divine vessel while nourishing your family and community simultaneously.
Imani is a High Vibe Tribe Priestess & is the visionary behind the Mamalution & Mamashrooms Superfood Line. She is an author, lover, healer, entrepreneur & mother of six free-range kids with their instincts intact. Their all organic café, Alchemy, served as the homeschool classroom for the past decade. She offers personalized e-sensual nourishment sessions, Tantric Tastings and High Vibe Tribe Re-unions for inspired juicy living both personally and collectively – assisting in the global awakening for the benefit of all. She believes that real food is our inherent birth right and that we can heal our world and ourselves by taking care of the divine vessels we inhabit and sharing that knowledge with others.

KABBALAH SHABBAT: Teaching & Sacred Ritual

Celebrating the Elemental Alchemy of Shabbat: Welcoming Shekhinah: The Union of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine: Integrating Earth-based ancient tribal Hebrew tradition and Kabbalah - Our Hebrew Goddess, Holy Mother, Sabbath Queen, Bride of God, is invoked and celebrated, every Friday at sunset for thousands of years, all over the world. Come sing and dance In the Ruach/Spirit of Shekhinah's Love and the embodiment of Prayer, Peace & Magick! with HaKohenet Lady Mama Tiana Sophia.

Tiana Mirapae is a Lover of Life Medicine Woman, Priestess, Jewitch & Teacher of the Healing, Sacred and Magickal Arts. She has been working as an Integrative Psychotherapist, Couples & Sex Therapist for over 30 years and a Wholistic Medicine Practitioner & Shamanic Healer for millennia. Tiana specializes in treating & healing trauma and women's health issues, throughout the life cycle; body, mind, emotions, sexuality, spirit and soul. Lady Mama Tiana Sophia is an ordained Priestess of the Well of Avalon and is the Founder and High Priestess of the SOPHIA Tradition. She is the director and teacher of The Wisdom School for S.O.P.H.I.A.; training & mentoring Shamans, Oracles, Priests/esses, Healers, Intuitives & Alchemists, on their Spiritual Medicine Path. The Temple of Sophia, on Goddess Mountain Sanctuary, in Montague, MA., interweaves Earth-based Ritual Magick celebrations and rites of passage ceremonies, with tribal Hebrew holydays, Jewish mysticism, and the sacred teachings of many holy cultures; honoring the Divine as both Goddess and God; co-creating ancient-new traditions and tribal GoddUs Spirituality for the next 27 generations from now. Lady Tiana will receive her ordination as a Kohenet, Hebrew Priestess in July 2013. Her Priestess title will be: Ma'yan Ahavat Shekhinah - Well Spring/Source of Shekhinah's Love.

The 8th Sacred Fire Prophecy

Jim Farnham, who has been working with prisoners on Indian culture and spirituality as a method of healing, is currently one of the main organizer's of the 8th sacred fire gathering.

Dale J. Young is an Actor, Director who has worked throughout the US; he is also a Visual Artist, and College Professor. He is a caretaker of the sacred pipe as well as a pipe carver and toolmaker, as taught by Hollis Littlecreek. Currently he is working on a book transcribing his four year friendship with Hollis based on 300 +/- hours of taped interviews, circles, lectures and ceremony collected by Dale and many of Hollis's students and friends. Dale is happy to entertain questions on any subject, and welcomes the opportunity to sit in circle and share experiences with his friend Jim and any others willing to join us!

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