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Projects of the heARTbeat Collective

The heARTbeat Collective House was located at 35 Wyman Street in Jamaica Plain, equidistant from the Jackson Square and the Stony Brook T stops, and near the Perkins Street stop on the 39 bus. Wyman street comes off of Center Street between Hyde and Jackson Squares, one block downhill from the traffic light at Forbes Street.

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After years of hosting events on and off site the heARTbeat Collective has shifted into being strictly a production company that focuses on community building events:

Forestdance: . Transformational project run by our director Jason Cohen, bandleader of Incus, working to reconnect people with their creativity, inspiration, and nature; breaking down barriers of inhibition without drugs or alcohol. Forestdance has occured in seven states in the U.S. and happens in Costa Rica every February.

Unifier Festival: A world class transformational healing and expressive arts festival with sacred live music, yoga, kirtan, organic food, dance performances, fire spinning, vending, children's activities, workshops and an all night fire circle ceremony that happens in western Massachusetts in June.

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