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We all have often been forced to be survivors in our society. In the fire circle, we bring down, layer after layer of doubt, and of fear. We pull up the darkness from our hearts, and put it on the fire for transformation. We stand together challenging ourselves to reclaim our hearts with love and compassion. We take hard looks in the mirror. This is a rite of passage. Many folks often wonder what they could have become, if only they were raised in “the right environment”. This is an amazing environment, and it is not too late. Some of the most beautiful and highest vision of humanity in a group, happens inside the all night sacred fire circle.

Sacred Fire Circle Magic is both a new culture and an ancient medicine. Within these circles we cultivate an energetic and magical atmosphere in which we are able to peel down layer after layer of that which no longer serves our highest nature, that which holds us back from attaining freedom, that which separates us from the stars, the animals, our selves, and each other. We honor those that came before us, from many ways and cultures. And we acknowlegde that we are in a time of joining the old and the new.

Part of our mission is to tap into the ways and culture of our host communities. We are interested in learning about what makes them tick, and helping them achieve their goals. It is our strong belief that we leave each community we visit in a more beautiful state than it was before we have arrived. We do this by exchanging views and ideas, teaching and learning, and by helping each community with a project they are working on while we are present. We have built sweat lodges, humanore compost bins, and planted trees in the past.

Our aim is not to offer "weekend enlightenment" but to rather offer skills and inspiration to help folks establish their own leadership skills, and to help them create sacred gatherings of their own. We are moving towards offering higher percentages of organic and native foods at our gatherings, and we recycle and reuse as much material as we can.

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