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Bring a KID to S.W.I.D.

Bringing a KID to SWID? There will be arts and nature workshops and a SWID KIDS Play Space. Kids under 11 attend free; please bring more organic food to share if you come with more people. Please contact SWID KID Coordinator Mary Fries, abluecosmicmonkey (at), with names, ages, and guardian's names for safety.

When you email, let us know if you have any extra gear for creating a fantastic children's space (tent, easy-up, tarps, rugs, things to climb on, safe and compact art supplies, markers and paper, streamers, bubbles, etc.). Put your name on everything you bring to share.

Please note: no childcare is provided by the organizers of SWID.

See you all at Earthlands soon!

Love and :)
Your SWID KID Coordinator, Mary Fries
abluecosmicmonkey (at)


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SWID KID Workshop Schedule

2:15pm to 3:45pm – Dagen Julty: How Goofy Can We Get? The Wonderful World of the Clown (SWID KIDS Play Space)

12:15pm to 1:45pm – Mary Fries: Multidimensional Geometry (SWID KIDS Play Space)
2pm to 3:30pm – Cassie Songstress: Finding Your Inner Voice of Truth (SWID KIDS Play Space)
3:45pm to 5:15pm – Marcio D'aLari: Percussive Immersion (SWID KIDS Play Space)

1pm to 2:30pm – Eric Bornstein: African Mask Making (adjacent to his vendor table)
2:45pm to 4:15pm – Marcy Gregoire: Watercolor Nature Art (SWID KIDS Play Space)

10am to 11:30am – Alisa Wright Tanny: BodyDance™ EmpowerCORE Girl Circle™ (SWID KIDS Play Space)
1:30pm to 2:30pm – Marcy Gregoire: Family Dance Party (Stage)


SWID KID Workshop Descriptions

Finding Your Inner Voice of Truth with Cassie Songstress
As young people it can be challenging to find our way through these challenging times yet essential that we discover our own inner voice! Come to this workshop and through dialog, rhythm and creative challenges you will take steps forward on your journey and discover your talents and capabilities. We all have our own’s time to bring them out!

Cassie Songstress is a young musician/teacher from Hartford, CT. She has travelled to Canada, South America, Trinidad, Bermuda, Cabo Verde and across the USA to further her education in music and environmental sustainability. She has worked closely with women leaders such as ALisa Starkweather, STARHAWK, Ann Sousa and Holly Brown. She graduated from the Greater Hartford Academy of the Performing Arts with a major in Creative Writing and is currently a student at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT, performs and offers workshops and private drumming classes.

Family Dance Party and Watercolor Nature Art with Marcy Gregoire
Marcy Gregoire, the founder and proud member of Under the Tree Music Art, has a huge passion for the planet. Her work with young and old continues to make a lasting impact through educating, performing and co-creating music, art, and nature.

BodyDance™ EmpowerCORE Girl Circle™ with Alisa Wright Tanny
AlisaAn expressive arts circle for girls to explore their relationship with themselves in BODY, MIND & SPIRIT through the Core Alignment of the Chakras. Focused EmpowerCORE explorations center around confidence building, body image and breath awareness, creative vocalization, embodied empowerment & alignment, fullness of relationship & expression, and gain skills for managing and balancing emotional and physical health and wholeness. Expressive empowerment supports girls to become more aware of their own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and sensations and allows expressive arts in the form of art, journaling, voice-sound, and movement yoga-dance to be vehicles of healthy expression, which might otherwise be contained & held in the body-mind-spirit. This class is created for reducing anxiety, digestive stress, emotional stress and overwhelming emotions. The class will promote the increase of friendship with self and others, more peace, more happiness and more JOY!

Alisa Wright Tanny, MA, R-DMT, eRYT500, is an Integrative Movement Therapist, Embodiment Coach and Infant Developmental Movement Educator. She holds a Masters Degree in Expressive Arts Dance Movement Therapy, and is an advanced certified teacher of the embodiment experience through the traditional practices of Yoga, Pilates, Developmental Movement and Body-Mind Centering®. Alisa’s technique in supporting and listening to the body is transmitted with a strong compassionate and loving emphasis on balancing the body’s natural expression of organic fluid rhythms, nervous system and glandular chakra tone, and muscular skeletal structural alignment. Alisa’s passion for movement has led her to create, develop and channel a new paradigm of dance movement exploration called BodyDance™ Embodied Empowerment™, inspired by the tantra love-light. In her teaching, Alisa’s presence provides the space and safety for inquiry and exploration, transformation, integration and joyful empowerment in presence. Alisa’s private practice is in Western Massachusetts where she specializes in working with infants, girls, and women through embodied health and healing, and clients in rehabilitation or with specialized needs. She and her husband, Dr. Mark Tanny, provide in-depth healing treatments for personal health transformation at their retreat sanctuary home in Conway, MA.

How Goofy Can We Get? The Wonderful World of the Clown with Dagen Julty
DagenWe rarely get the opportunity to be silly and weird before we are told to "behave ourselves!". But as a clown, we can be as silly and weird as we want! And that's exactly what we will do today. We'll paint our face, wear funny clothes, find silly props and see how silly we can get. We might even go out and get people to laugh with us. Everyone is welcome, all ages, parents and children and kids alone.

Dagen Julty is a professional children’s entertainer, a clown, a workshop leader, a musician, a music teacher, an artist, an activist, a communitarian, a father, and a humanitarian. As “Happy Dan the Music Man” he has entertained children of all ages for over 16 years. And as Jolti the Clown he tends to be more theatrical, mysterious and unpredictable. He got his start as a clown in a workshop with Wavy Gravy in 1992. He owns a house in rural Mexico and lives in community in Greenfield, MA.

African Mask Making and Eric Bornstein
Join mask maker Eric Bornstein & friends from Behind The Mask for an African mask making workshop. We will show and demonstrate a variety of techniques to color & sculpt with tissue papers. Starting from a selection of our pre-drawn/cut African mask designs, we will augment and decorate each mask and add a strap for wearing. Participants will come out with a finished and wearable work of Spirit Art!

Eric Bornstein has studied with masters Agung Suardana in Bali, and Donato Sartori in Italy. He received his MLA in Fine Arts along with the Thomas Small prize from Harvard University. His masks have appeared most recently in the 31st Cambridge River Festival, Contemporary Theater of Boston’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Performance Lab’s Le Cabaret Grimm, Underground Railway Theater’s Life of Galileo, and the Harvard Yiddish Players’ Shulamis. Over the last 30 years Eric’s masked characters have appeared in a variety of venues. They were a highlight of Boston’s First Night celebration for 15 years. His masks have also appeared at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, the Fuller Craft Museum, the Kennedy Library/Museum, the Boston Lyric Opera, the Boston Ballet, the Society of Arts & Crafts (Newbury Street), The Peabody/Essex Museum, King Richard's Faire, and Revels. He currently teaches classes in making and performing masks, and offers performances and residencies to schools throughout the state through Young Audiences of Massachusetts.

Multidimensional Geometry with Mary Fries
MaryExplorers of any age will enjoy this hands on exploration of dimension, time, and space. Physical models, technology, and art to see, feel, and create will engage young investigators in the nature of space, time, and reality.

Mary Fries is a mathematics curriculum designer who has studied Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness and directed children's and adult's theatre. This is her third year as the SWID KID Coordinator because she loves it that much! :)

Percussive Immersion with Marcio D'aLari
Hands on, sticks on, claps on, stomps on: Percussive play! Come have fun as you learn some cool rhythms and how to play them together. Bring your own drum, shaker, plastic cup and any percussive instruments to join mine.

Marcio D'aLari Having Music Conservatory background and a Bachelors degree in Music Therapy, Marcio has a solid career recording & performing in prestigious venues in New England & Brazil. He tours w/ several bands/troups and teaches Drum Clinics & Workshops in many Festivals.

Interested in offering a SWID KIDS workshop?
Email SWID KID Coordinator Mary Fries, abluecosmicmonkey (at) with a description, a biography, and the days you'll be available for teaching.


SWID KIDS Play Space

Have fun stuff to help build the SWID KIDS Play Space?

Please contact SWID KID Coordinator Mary Fries, abluecosmicmonkey (at), with a list of gear you can share: large tent/easy-up, tarps, rugs, things to climb on, safe and compact art supplies, markers and paper, streamers, bubbles, chairs, blankets, simple costumes, etc.). Put your name on everything you bring to share.

Thanks for contributing!


Tips for an Amazing SWID

SWID can be a wonderful experience, and a bit of thoughtful planning can help your SWID KIDS have an incredible time! Here are a few tips:

  • Email SWID KID Coordinator, Mary Fries, abluecosmicmonkey (at), with each SWID KIDS' name, age, and guardian's name.
  • Talk about camping, latrines, hydration, sun, nature, and family rules.
  • Have healthy snacks, water, and comfortable resting space available at all times.
  • Discuss how basic needs may be met differently at SWID: sleep, food, toilets, washing, etc.
  • Remember sunscreen, non-toxic bug repellent, family first aid, hats, blankets for the grass, flashlights, warm clothes, towels, and individual dinner sets (cup, bowl/plate, utensils).
  • Prepare a comfortable and fun camping space: pillows, ribbons, chimes, drums, etc.
  • Contact us with any questions or concerns, and have a wonderful Sacred World Interdependence Day!

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